Monday, October 25, 2010

Final Cake Project - Day 25

 Today was the last day of my Cake Decorating Basics Class!
HOORAY!!! My teacher will be mailing out the certificates soon, so it will be official. :)
I needed to put the last finishing touches on my cake when I got home. I did all these little dots by improv. HA! Did they turn out ok? 
So there it is! My final cake project all finished!
It's called Stunning Mum Profusion.
HA! Cute name! :)
And everything that COULD go wrong DID! 
1. I didn't have enough cake batter... so I had to run to the store to get more.
2. The frosting on the cake was supposed to be ivory and the flowers were supposed to be pink... but the ivory looked orange... so I had to make it pink. Then the flowers had to be ivory.
3. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my vanilla wafers at home (those are what the mums are on)... so I had to go to Dollar Tree (which was right by where my class is) and get some wafers... :P
 Anyways, in the end it all worked out for the better! :)
You'll never guess what it is filled with...
Can't wait to eat it!!! 

Have an awesome night!

Taylor Kay


Judith said...

This is awesome, Tay.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful cake & it sounds delicious too!! Cherry filling - go figure!! Love you Tay, Gramma