Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Handwarming Gift - Day 2

A Handwarming Gift!
I had a lot of extra yarn one day and just decided to make a pair of arm warmers... wrist warmers... what ever they are called. :) I actually made the pattern myself, with the help of some of my knitting ladies.

Interestingly enough, someone's birthday is TODAY! 

She is having a party this afternoon, and what better present for her than a pair of wrist warmers to help her through the fall and winter months! I am super happy that these warmers will go to a good home! :)
Here's to making it a GREAT day!!! 

Taylor Kay


Createology said...

Your knitted hand warmers are wonderful and you have done a beautiful job. Your friend will be very pleased with her birthday gift. Happy knitting...

MosaicMagpie said...

Taylor Kay,
One day I was taking apart a sweater to felt it in the washer. I cut the bootom of the sleeves off and slipped them on my arms. After I had them on for a while I could not believe how warm they kept me. These are really cute and your friend will love them.