Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Love Your Funny Face - Day 28

I have decided on days that I don't have anything to post... or maybe I just feel like sharing... I am going to post about some of my top Audrey Hepburn Movies! :)

 As you saw in the top picture, this first movie is Funny Face! :) I liked this movie very much. It has Audrey playing in a very fun and spunky role. I just LOVE her in this movie

And of course her co-star Fred Estaire did a wonderful job! They make a great acting duo :)
Oh, this last picture here is a combination of a bunch of crazy dance moves that Audrey was doing. It is one of my favorite scenes in the movie! :)

Anyways, it is a movie that I would recommend if you are a big Audrey Hepburn fan! Well... you could watch it even if you aren't a big fan! :) Te-he! 

Have a wonderful night!
(glad I got this post out before 12... cutting it close here. HA!)

Taylor Kay 

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Anna Patricia said...

*Bonjour Paris!!!*

I'm a fan too!!! My all-time favorite is Roman Holiday <3 SIGH.... I love her gown here in Funny Face.