Friday, October 8, 2010

My First Cake! - Day 8

Hey everyone!
Remember me talking about my cake decorating class that started this past Monday? Well, today I made my first cake! It was just as a little experiment. My sister, Brianna, came to town today with Ben and their dog Max. She was super interested in my cake class, so she wanted to make a cake! So we both made cakes!!! :)
It was super fun to use the cake leveler to make our cakes flat on the top/bottom. I even used it to make my cake a layer cake, with a chocolate pudding center!! :P YUM! 
All in all it was just a very delicious night!!! It was my grandparents last night with us, (they will be leaving tomorrow morning), so it was nice to have some cake with them!!
Well, I hope you have had a delicious Friday!... Cuz I know mine certainly was! ;)

Taylor Kay


Lauren said...

oh they look delicious! I hope you enjoy the rest of your course! happy blogtoberfest!

Anonymous said...

Tay, they look amazing & sound delicious. Can Bri bring me some???