Sunday, October 10, 2010

Confetti Is For Parties! - Day 10

I beg to differ! I give you... 


I absolutely LOVE funfetti cake!!! It is my favorite, next to chocolate. So tonight I had to make my cake for my decorating class tomorrow. I love leveling cakes because then you can just EAT the top layer!!! YUM!!!
I had some extra mix, so I also made a few cupcakes just for fun! I used the leftover frosting from when me and my sister made cakes on Friday, too. What CUTE little cupcakes!!! :)
 And here is my cake... before it gets decorated! :) I am absolutely LOVING my cake decorating class!!! It's AWESOME!!! I will post the finished cake probably either tomorrow or Tuesday
Well, I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
But I tell you what... the Packers really stunk it up today, didn't they? They are a pathetic excuse for a football team... GOODNESS!!! Alright, I made up my mind... I am OFFICIALLY an Indianapolis Colts fan. GO COLTS!!! :)

Taylor Kay

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