Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Finished Project! :D - Day 12

 Remember this project?
Well, I FINISHED IT TODAY!!! :D Isn't it just the cutest dishcloth?? I love it. I think it is the perfect gift. Christmas is just around the corner... could this be a gift idea? Why yes, yes it is! :) 
Just in case you are wondering, it says : Love To Knit With My Friends! :)
Anyway, it was actually really fun to knit this! I can't wait to make another! YAY! 

Taylor Kay


Createology said...

Hi Taylor: Your knitted cloth is just glorious and I love how you have knitted a message right into the pattern. Happy knitting...

Sue said...

Taylor the knitted dishcloth looks wonderful and what a great pressie with a great message!