Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Classes Have BEGUN! - Day 5

Well everyone, I started my CAKE DECORATING CLASS on last night!!! It was super duper awesome! I am so excited to learn how to make flowers and stuff like that! 

We really just started with the basics. We learned how to make those little frosting stars that you see on almost every cake. They are GREAT to fill space! And they are actually very simple to make! 

Here are the cookies that I used to test my new skills! Sorry, but some of the stars got a little squished on the ride home... :P
Mom wanted the cookie with the MOST frosting, so I gave her the snowflake!
Gramma wanted lots of frosting on hers too, so she got the HEART!
Papa was fine eating the cookie with the maple leaf... which was actually supposed to be a flower. HA! Oh well
I can honestly say that I enjoyed my SPIRAL cookie. :)
I can not WAIT for class next week!!! WE GET TO DECORATE A CAKE!!! ... And I'm sure you will hear allllllll about it. :D

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Taylor Kay

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