Friday, October 22, 2010

Cozy Winter Hat - Day 22

 This here is a nice and cozy winter hat that I finished tonight. I started knitting it last night... :) Yes... knitting takes up every waking minute of my day. HAHA! I just love knitting! 
 This hat has a front flap (which you can probably see pretty clearly), and the entire back side folds up to form a nice thick brim. Since it is separated, there are two corners that pop out on the sides! I think it is cute! They almost look like ears. :) 
The yarn that I used is so incredibly soft too! It just feels fuzzy all over your head! Hehe! LOVE IT!!!
Cold weather can feel free to come along now! I am all set with my waaaaarm hat! :)

Taylor Kay

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Michelle May said...

What a great hat! Love it!
xx, shell