Wednesday, October 13, 2010

White Wednesday Trinkets - Day 13

 Happy White Wednesday! Today's post is about a couple of trinkets that I found at thrift stores. There is nothing better than going to a thrift store and finding a find at a low price! :)
This little box is actually made out of an EGG!!! It is very fragile... and quite beautiful. It MUST be handmade. I LOVE it! ... I have a thing for little boxes or anything that can hold stuff inside. ;) hehe! 
 Now, this is just a situation where you MUST love cows! I LOVE THIS COW!!! It looks like a bean... HAHA! Isn't it cute?? 
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Oh and by the way... my car died in the middle of an intersection tonight. :P It was only a 4 way stop intersection tho, but still. Luckily a nice guy stopped and helped me push it out of the road. I waited for my dad to get there and we pushed it about 10 blocks and across a busy street. Good thing it was late at night or it would have not been very fun at all. I have such a stupid car... HA!

Well, hope you have had a wonderful middle-of-the-week-day!!! :)

Taylor Kay


Rebecca said...

I'd have snatched up that little egg box too-how interesting and cute!

Createology said...

Oh how I can relate to your love of treasure hunting. Your finds are precious. Happy collecting...