Friday, October 15, 2010

Familiar? - Day 15

Yes, I know, it is the same as my pink one. BUT I liked it SO much, I just had to make another one!!! And I especially like this blue color... It's Gorgeous, Yes? 

This weekend is going to be exciting! My church is having a fundraiser up at the Fall Festival in Sister Bay, Door County! WOOT! We sell gyros mostly, and souvlaki (spelling) (which is kind of like a pork shish-ka-bob), and spanikopita (which is a spinach and feta type of layered thingy... can't explain it... but I don't like it). Anyway, it goes the WHOLE weekend! It is my church's biggest fundraiser and it's super duper fun!!! :) Me and my family are leaving tonight. Won't get back till Sunday night! WOOT!!! I am so excited!!! :D 

Hope you have a FABULOUS FRIDAY!!!

Taylor Kay

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Createology said...

I love gyros. Have lots of fun.
Safe Travels...