Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Leftovers - Day 24

 What do you do when you have leftover cake mix after making 2 cakes? Why, you make CUPCAKES, of course! :)
It's a good thing I am not a big sweets person, otherwise all these cupcakes and such would make me all kinds of enormous. Hehe! 
 Aaand what do you with the top of a cake after you have layered it? Why, you swirl some frosting on it and call it wonderful, of course! :)
I am quite excited to eat this! With the first cake top, I just walked around the house and offered chunks to mom and dad. But, this needed just a little something more. HA! 
Well... It's halftime in the Packers vs. Vi-Queens game... :( The Pack are not doing so good... Time to go back down and see if anything is happening yet. 
*Crosses fingers and whispers* Dear God, let Clay Matthews get a HUGE chunk out of Favre... Please and Thank You

Taylor Kay

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